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The Hemstilat collective:

Frida Arnqvist Engström

Frida Arnqvist Engström

Frida Arnqvist Engström

Editor in chief/Founder of Hemstilat /Writer
Legally responsible publisher (Ansvarig utgivare)

Contact: frida (at)

Creativity can take you anywhere. A ­freelance writer, blogger and lecturer with DIY, sloyd and craft as favorite subjects. When not working with Hemstilat projects she runs the blog Kurbits about creativity and crafts.
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Anders Engström
Project Manager/Founder of Hemstilat/Writer
Contact: anders (at)

Tech savvy humanist, writer and blogger since 1999. With a passion for everything man (and woman) made and things that make a good story. Loves engaging in new projects and working with creative people, like the Hemstilat team!
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Hanna Hague
Interior designer who likes recycling.
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Åsa Kax

Swedish designer and copywriter, making surface design, DIY-projects, logotypes, clothing for children, interior accessories and all kinds of visual concepts. The main inspirations are art nouveau, arts and crafts, functionalism, and recycling.
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Anna-Karin Murén
Freelance stylist and interior designer who also gladly stands behind the camera.
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Moira Dunne
Translator (from Swedish to English)
Moira works with words – marketing, academic and technical words. She has lived half her life in Sweden and half in the British Isles. She is currently located on the English Riviera working with stressed PHD candidates.
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Marie Sörberg
Art Director /Creative Director
Marie works as an Art Director focused on design for mobile devices at IDG Sweden. She fell in love with working with Mag + in 2011 and loves creating beautiful apps for iPad.
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Anna Helldén
Art Director/Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer and former Hyper Island student with a special interest in interactive magazine design for tablets.
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Nina Mattsoff
Art Director
Nina has a long successful career as an Art Director for various glossy magazines. This is her first time working on a 100 percent digital project, and she likes it!

Angelica Zander
Original Art Director, Hemstilat paper edition
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Kim Appelbom
Helped us making the Hemstilat paper edition.


Anders Arnqvist
Interaction designer/ Design strategist
Visual thinker and advocate of human centred design. Designer of Experiences.
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Anna Wahlström
Service designer
Works with sustainability and is passionate about Scandinavian design, old as new.
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Malin Wahlström
In her studio in Malmö, Sweden, Malin works with everything from illustration to experiments in the wide world of visuals. She is studying her third year at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where her main subjects are illustration, graphic design and textiles.
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Martin Stenmark

Originating from the watercloset-free woods of Småland comes people-, gadget- and lotsofotherthings photographer Martin. A friend of nature and expert on recycling. Loves taking long walks, loves cycling even further, and loves owning a car and seldom drive it. Prefers photographing live objects that can surprise and add something to the pictures. But he can also spend eight hours photographing a backlit flat-iron.More info:

Martin Fältström

Sound and FX

Mats Ingemansson
Sound technician, producer and composer
Works with sound in the form of radio, tv, music in commercials and public service. But most of all he enjoys the sound of silence.
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Stanislav Khromov
Web Developer
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